Danish film Three Heists and a Hamster begins shooting in Istria

Filming of the third part of the Danish comedy Three Heists and a Hamster (Alle for Tre) began on April 11 at numerous locations in Istria.

The film is being produced by Fridthjof Film from Copenhagen, and servicing will be carried out by the Croatian production house Spiritus Movens. This Danish comedy is about two clumsy con-artist brothers, who, at probate proceedings regarding their father’s will, discover that his biggest treasure – an old-timer motorcycle and sidecar – would go to the sister they never knew existed. The brothers head to Italy, where the sister lives, to find her and steal the valuable inheritance.

Filming will take place until 30 April in Istria (Oprtalj, Motovun, Rovinj, Barban, Pula, Bale) and in Kukuljanovo, Rijeka’s industrial zone. Approximately 200 extras will be engaged. Rasmus Heide is the director and the lead roles will be played by Rasmus Bjerg, Mick Øgendahl and Sonja Richter, while the cast also includes Croatian actors Zlatko Burić, Tena Tadić, Sven Jakir and Draško Zidar. On set there will also be Croatian crew members including art director Mario Ivezić, make-up artist Tina Jesenković, costume designer Morana Cerovec, second-assistant director Igor Miklošić, and stunts will be organized by Toni Bobeta. Croatian producers include Zdenka Gold, Dubravko Petrović Baja, Snježana Vukmirović, Tony Laganis and Branka Rusnov.

Production costs for 18 days of filming in Croatia will be around 440.000 EUR, after which the producers will have the right to a 20% reimbursement of funds spent. 

Filming in Croatia is a programme of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre