Keshet International brings Croatian crime drama series, The Paper, to MIPCOM

Keshet International (KI) has picked up global distribution rights to the new eagerly anticipated Croatian crime drama series, The Paper. Produced by Drugi Plan and yet to air on HTV1, The Paper (12 x 50’) is a dark cocktail of political corruption, power struggles, crime and betrayal.

Impassioned reviews from critics and glowing screening receptions at selected European festivals over the summer have given the show must-see status. It will be available as a finished subtitled series and drama format to buyers at MIPCOM 2016.


Sebastian Burkhardt, Head of Acquisitions at Keshet International said: “We came across The Paper at NEM and were extremely impressed by the quality of the production. Everything from the storytelling, to the directing and the cast leads it to be very timely and universal. With the current opportunities out there for non-English speaking series, and our experience with them, we are confident that The Paper will find its audience outside of Croatia.


Creator and producer of The Paper, Nebojsa Taraba said: "Through this collaboration with Keshet International, we truly feel as though we have found a common artistic tongue and that our project has - in many ways – come home. The way in which Keshet produces and perceives television is precisely what we’ve tried to emulate and apply in our work for years."


Created by Ivica Đikić, Nebojša Taraba and Miodrag Sila and directed by Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize winner Dalibor Matanić (Un Certain Regard, The High Sun) The Paper is set in the busy newsroom of a daily newspaper. A highly-acclaimed, provocative drama, it presents an ensemble cast navigating the blurred lines between morality and integrity.


When Mario Kardum, an influential and politically conservative building contractor from a powerful family buys a left-liberalist newspaper in deep financial trouble, he has two underlying, questionable motives. Firstly, he wants to keep the investigation of someone close to him as the perpetrator of a high profile hit and run case out of the news. Secondly, he wants to coerce the paper into writing favourably about the presidential candidate he is backing. But, in this highly-charged workplace, Kardum is not the only person with dubious morals, potentially damaging secrets, misguided loyalties and selfish motivations. While some fight to maintain the paper's editorial integrity, others are overwhelmed by their own corrupt connections. Whatever side of the fence they fall on, all of them have their own secrets, personal demons to fight and their own agendas to meet, which deeply affect their moral compass.


Spotlighting the universally fascinating relationship between the media, the government, the church and law enforcement as well as the powerful social elite and their corporations, The Paper is a blistering, fastpaced account of the obstacles and dilemmas faced by today's press. Has the profession of journalism, once so important, become nothing more than an instrument to achieve other, even greater interests?


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