How to Apply

Guideline to the Croatian Film Incentive application process.

The foreign producer must team up with a local Croatian co-producer or production service provider. The Croatian partner provides the full range of production services, including locations scouting, scheduling, budgeting, casting, crewing and takes full responsibility for all production services carried out in the country throughout the life-span of the production.

The Croatian entity applies to the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) for a provisional certificate before the start of production, and for a final certificate upon completion of the production in Croatia, and is responsible for compliance with prescribed formal requirements. 

Filing the Application

A hardcopy of the Application, comprising of the completed Application Form, Qualification Test and complete documentation (see: Application Forms/Supporting Documents) must be sent to the HAVC no later than 30 days prior to the start of production in Croatia.   

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Application and all its pertaining documents must be submitted in Croatian.


  • Application Form (available in Croatian only)
    The completed form, signed and sealed by the applicant’s authorised signatory, along with the pertaining documents, must be sent by certified mail with return receipt requested, along with a copy of the documents in electronic format.
  • Croatian Production Budget (available in Croatian only)
    A list of planned production costs to be incurred in Croatia. Includes details of each element of expenditure that may be accepted as an eligible cost incurred directly in Croatia on the employment of eligible individuals, and on the provision of eligible goods, services and facilities.
  • Statutory Declaration (available in Croatian only)
    Wherein the Applicant consents to all the terms and conditions of the Regulations and provides a statement of truth verifying the facts provided in the Application.


  • Tax Clearance Certificate
    Issued by the Department of Revenue, the certificate must verify that the entity satisfied all tax obligations due to the State, including taxes, interest, penalties, fees, charges and any other liabilities.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
    Issued by the Commercial Registry Office
  • Proof of the public screening of a work produced by applicant within the last 3 years:
    For feature films: a confirmation of the screening issued by a film distributor or screening company and an extract from a newspaper as proof of the screening in regular distribution, or a confirmation issued by a national television broadcaster of the broadcasting of the work; 
    For animated, short feature and documentary films: proof of screening within the official program of at least one international film festival.

    In the event that the company lacks such credits, the company’s founder or Director must have produced such a work.
  • A screenplay and synopsis of the work
  • Overall Production Budget
    For local productions or co-productions, and international co-productions with a Croatian co-producer: a preliminary, detailed overall production budget.
    For international productions with a local production service provider: the overall production budget amount.
  • Proof of security of financing for 70% of the Project’s production costs in Croatia
    Copies of contracts, preliminary contracts, letters of intent or commitment stating the exact amount.  
  • Preliminary Contract or a Service Level Agreement 
    A certified copy of the Preliminary Contract or Contract on Co-production (for international co-productions); OR a Service Level Agreement between the original producer and a local production service provider (for international productions).

Filming in Croatia is a programme of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre