Co-Production Funding

Besides production incentive, a filmproject with international partners can also benefit from the selective minority co-production support.  

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre provides public funding for development and production of Croatian films. Among several support schemes is a Minority Co-production Scheme that provides funding for projects originating outside Croatia, but with Croatian participation. This is a selective scheme, with projects assessed solely on their artistic merit by appointed artistic consultants.

Films supported through this scheme must be able to qualify as official co-productions, either under bilateral treaties, or the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production.

Croatian co-producers, interested in applying for this support scheme, can apply for funding upon the Centre’s call for applications, which is an open call with 4 yearly submission deadlines.

Co-production Criteria

  • Fiction, documentary and animation, both feature length and shorts
  • Croatian producer is involved as a creative collaborator and provider of a minority of the finance needed 
  • 50% of the financing already in place (confirmed financing in the country of the majority/delegate producer)
  • At least 60% of the approved funding must be spent in Croatia, on Croatian services, cast and crew
  • Croatian share of financing must be at least 10% of the production’s overall budget
  • Participation of Croatian artistic and technical staff, depending on the co-production financing share
  • An official co-production under either a bilateral treaty, or the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production

Croatia is a signatory to the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production, which it ratified in 2004. Croatia also has bilateral co-production agreements with Canada, France, Germany and Italy. It is a member of the European co-production fund EURIMAGES and the EU Creative Europe Programme / MEDIA sub-programme.

For further information on selective co-production funding, please visit the funding section of HAVC.HR.

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