Guide to Filming in Croatia

Croatia may be a small country, but it has a remarkably vibrant film industry, with exceptional local talent and production companies that have an impressive record in domestic and international production.

Film and television production takes place across the 21 counties in the Republic of Croatia, which can be divided into three geographically distinct zones: the coastal region (Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia), the mountain region (Gorski kotar and Lika), and the continental region (Slavonia and Central Croatia).

With an office in the capital of Zagreb, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre aims to make your shoot as smooth as possible, no matter where you film in Croatia.

The first regional, county-based Film Commission has opened in Zadar in 2014, covering the Zadar County, followed by Pula in 2015, for the region of Istria. Both Zadar Film Commission and Istria Film Commision work in partnership with us to provide advice and information. The Kvarner Film Commission was established in 2016, covering the City of Rijeka and the Primorje and Gorski Kotar County. Zagreb Film Office was established in 2019.

We operate a Industry Directory, a searchable directory of Croatian production companies and general service companies with their contact details and fields of activity. 

Our annual Filming in Croatia guidebook should help you as you plan to film in Croatia, by highlighting the resources available to you.

Please start by contacting the Croatian Audiovisual Centre’s Filming in Croatia department at: +385 1 6041 082, or by emailing us at: [email protected]

Filming in Croatia is a programme of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre