HR, DE, CH, BIH | 2013 | Feature Film

Love Island

Otok ljubavi

French Liliane (Ariane Labed) and Bosnian Grebo (Ermin Bravo) come to the coast from Sarajevo for sun and fun. Grebo in particular lets loose, demonstrating his former-rocker chords to an appreciative audience of vacationers who are keen to party.

Then Liliane locks eyes with Flora (Ada Condeescu), the entertainment hostess at the resort, and she’s thrown for a loop. Some years earlier the women had been lovers, and the flame remains, despite Liliane’s attempts to snuff it out. Grebo also has the hots for Flora, who isn’t above some serious flirtation in the hopes of breaking up the marriage and winning back her ex. 

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Director Jasmila Žbanić
Main Cast Ariane Labed, Ada Condeescu, Ermin Bravo, Franco Nero, Leon Lučev
Producer Leon Lučev, Damir Ibrahimović
Production Co. Produkcija Živa (HR)
Co-Producer Komplizen Film (DE), Okofilm Productions (CH), Deblokada (BA)
Service Production Co. Produkcija Živa
Locations Poreč, Island of Sveti Nikola, Zagreb

Filming in Croatia is a programme of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre