The Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia | 2015 | Feature Film

The Day My Father Became a Bush

Toen mijn Vader een Struik werd

Before Toda's father became a bush (don't ask!), he was a pastry chef. Everyday he would rise before dawn to make two dozen kinds of pastries and cakes. Then, one day, everything changes. War breaks out in the south, and Toda's father has to defend his country. Toda is sent to stay with her mother, who lives in a neighboring land... not a simple journey in wartime. But Toda is a plucky girl who doesn't give up easily - she is determined to find her mother! An adventure story with laughs, thrills and emotion.

Based on the book The Day My Father Became a Bush by Joke van Leeuwen.

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Director Nicole van Kilsdonk
Main Cast Celeste Holsheimer, Matsen Montsma, Anneke Blok, Noortje Herlaar
Producer Leontine Petit, Eva Eisenloeffel, Siniša Juričić
Production Co. Lemming Film (NL)
Co-Producer Minds Meet (BE), Nukleus Film (HR)
Service Production Co. Nukleus Film
Locations Zagreb, Varaždin

Filming in Croatia is a programme of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre