Germany | 2014 | TV Film

Winnetou's Wives

Winnetous Weiber

Five women, five different motives, one journey, one goal, one adventure.

Five women travel from Germany to Croatia to embark on a tourist tour on horses discovering Croatia’s natural beauties and visiting locations of Winnetou films. They camp in a romantic atmosphere by the fire, stop by the places where once Old Shatterhand and Winnetou used ride horses, enjoy beautiful landscapes, reviving the adventures of their heros, as they remember them from their childhoods. The aim of their journey is to visit the legendary Silver Lake. Their apparently safe tourist tour is organized by the local tourism agency.  

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Director Dirk Regel
Main Cast Maren Kroymann, Floriane Daniel, Nina Kronjager, Josephin Busch and Teresa Wessbach
Producer Michaela Nix
Production Co. UFA Fiction (DE)
Service Production Co. Blue Sky Adriatic
Locations Mount Velebit (Tulove grede, Velo Rujno), Zadar Region (Kaštel Žegarski, Muškovci, Pariževačka glavica), Island of Pag, Zagreb

Filming in Croatia is a programme of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre