Germany2021Feature Film


Local Production Company

Pakt Media

Crew Members

205+743 extras

Filming Days



  • Stomorska, island Šolta
  • Blaca Desert, island Brač
  • The View, Vidova Gora, Brač
  • Aerial view, Šolta Island
  • Seafront view, Šolta Island


Stomorska, island Šolta


Blaca Desert, island Brač


The view from Vidova Gora, Brač


Aerial view, Šolta Island, Croatian Tourist Board


Seafront view, Šolta Island, Croatian Tourist Board

About the production


Vanessa Jopp

Main Cast

Naomi Krauss, Goran Bogdan


Viola Angela Jaeger, Marina Schiller

Production Company

Olga Film GmbH


Zeynep’s life is not an enviable one, and the day of her beloved mother Kate’s funeral increases her challenge; convincing father Doruk that his wife didn’t really have an affair with the 80-year-old neighbour in a wheelchair from the floor above, reminding daughter Fia that she should wear black to the funeral and generally be less angry, while her husband Ilyas stays at work, laughing and joking with another, younger woman. The day culminates with Zeynep suddenly running away across several countries to a tiny island in Croatia where (as she only found out earlier that morning) her mother secretly bought a house with a beautiful view and left it to Zeynep. The house, however, is not adapted for modern life and comes with a stubborn, handsome, previous owner, Josip. This small house on an island in Croatia, the islanders with their centuries-old intact cultural identity, food and music, allows Zeynep the freedom to be herself. Her husband, father and daughter accompany her to the island – and each of them embarks on their own journey from the beginning of the film to its end as Kata’s house, which gave her daughter a chance to escape also gave Ilyas, Doruk and Fia a chance to see the void after Zeynep has left.

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