Poland2022TV Series


Informacja zwrotna

Local Production Company

Blue Sky Adriatic

Crew Members

96+88 extras

Filming Days



  • Panorama, Pag Island
  • Stanići, Omiš
  • Punta rata beach, Brela
  • Podraće beach, Brela
  • Trogir


Panorama, Pag Island


Stanići, Omiš


Punta rata beach, Brela


Podraće beach, Brela


Trogir, Croatian Tourist Board

About the production


Leszek Dawid

Main Cast

Arkadiusz Jakubik, Dominika Bednarczyk, Jakub Sierenberg, Nel Kaczmarek, Andrzej Konopka


Luksaz Dzieciol

Production Company

Opus Film


Marcin Kania, rentier, alcoholic and former rock musician starts frantic journey in search of his missing son Piotr. His two-week odyssey through Warsaw and its surroundings takes him to the darkest parts of the human psyche, to the trail of the biggest reprivatization scandal in Poland, and confronts him with the evil he did to his family. The key to redemption and finding his son lies in his mind, which has built a kind of labyrinth mixing memories with nightmares to prevent him from facing the real events of the night his son disappeared.

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