Germany2018TV Film

Hartwig Seeler: Dangerous Memory

Hartwig Seeler: Gefährliche Erinnerung

Local Production Company

Pakt Media

Crew Members

152 + 108 extras

Filming Days



  • Panorama, Zagreb
  • Seafront view, Vodice
  • Aerial view, Tribunj
  • Camp, Obonjan
  • Waterfalls, Rastoke
  • Harbour, Zlarin

Central Croatia

Panorama, Zagreb, Croatian Tourist Board


Seafront view, Vodice


Aerial view, Tribunj


Camp, Obonjan, Obonjan Island Resort

Central Croatia

Waterfalls, Rastoke


Harbour, Zlarin

About the production


Johannes Fabrick

Main Cast

Friederike Becht, Lilli Biedermann, Sarah Camp


Yella Yarí Fenner, Cosima Maria Degler

Production Company

Hager Moss Film GmbH.


Desperate parents turn to private detective Hartwig Seeler. Their daughter, Evelyn, is missing and they don’t know what to do. They’re afraid that something has happened to her. Seeler takes over the case and finds out that nothing in the case is as simple as it seems. Realizing that the young girl has been lured into a sect, Seeler follows after her, ending up on a Croatian island.

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