Germany2021Feature Film

Over & Out

Local Production Company

Pakt Media

Crew Members

152+326 extras

Filming Days



  • Old Town, Rovinj
  • Panorama, Roč
  • Belaj
  • Brseč
  • Aerial view, Momjan
  • Aerial view, Arena, Pula


Old Town, Rovinj, Croatian Toursit Board


Panorama, Roč



Kvarner and the Highlands



Aerial view, Momjan


Aerial view on Roman amphiteatre in Pula

About the production


Julia Becker

Main Cast

Jessica Schwarz, Julia Becker, Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Nora Tschirner


Frauke Kolbmüller, Jule Engel

Production Company

Oma Inge Film GmbH


Lea, Toni and Steffi have to leave for Spain immediately because their friend Maja is getting married. Now three completely different women, who still meet regularly, but always only long enough so that the differences between them do not become too obvious, started the journey together. When they arrive at the wedding venue, they realize that there is no wedding. Maja left them a video message saying that she always loved to travel, and now she was the first to start her last journey – she died of pancreatic cancer. She asks her friends to fulfil her last wish – a trip to a special city by the sea, where she will be buried. After a brief consideration of the possible consequences, the girls decide to grant her wish and set off on their journey. Now they have to spend two full days together, which leads to disagreements. Outraged and shocked, but wanting to fulfil Maya’s wish, they really start talking. They realize that they are very different, but that their fears and worries are essentially similar. Eventually, they become aware of the fact that maybe Maja wasn’t even interested in an unusual funeral, but in doing her friends one last favour and saving them from themselves.

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