Austria, Germany, Switzerland2022TV Series


Local Production Company

Blue Sky Adriatic

Crew Members

180+2 extras

Filming Days



  • Lokvarka Cave, Gorski kotar
  • Brinje, Lika
  • Vrelo Cave, Gorski kotar

Kvarner and the Highlands

Lokvarka Cave, Gorski kotar

Kvarner and the Highlands

Brinje, Lika

Kvarner and the Highlands

Vrelo Cave, Gorski kotar

About the production


Jochen Freydank

Main Cast

Verena Altenberger, Anna Bruggemann, Beat Marti, Sabine Timoteo, Philip Birnstiel


Ulf Israel, Reik Moller

Production Company

Senator Film Production GmbH


Speleologist Josef Häberle had an accident in the Riesending cave near Berchtesgaden in Germany. With a serious head injury, he lies at a depth of more than 1,000 meters – and at a distance of more than 12 kilometres from the entrance to the cave. His Swiss climbing partner Ralf Sommer returns to the surface and calls the rescue coordination centre, while the other colleagues, Bernd and Lucy Hellersdorf, stay with the injured man. Although only a few experts worldwide have ever gone so deep into this cave, a team of mountain rescuers under the command of Bertram Erhardt takes responsibility. Still, they lack almost any practical speleological expertise. Therefore, the international speleological community is called to help.

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