USA2022TV Film

River Wild

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4 Film

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Nature, Rivers & Lakes


  • Una River, waterfall
  • Una River
  • Una River, big waterfall

Kvarner and the Highlands

Una River, waterfall

Kvarner and the Highlands

Una River

Kvarner and the Highlands

Una River, big waterfall

About the production


Ben Ketai

Main Cast

Leihton Meester, Adam Brody


Ogden Gavanski

Production Company

1440 Productions


Joey and her brother Gray, a rafting instructor, go on a rafting expedition down the Kootenai River along with their best friends Vanessa and Karissa and Gray’s friend Trevor. During the expedition, Vanessa is wounded and claims that Trevor attacked her. All the phones don’t work and they decide to go down the river to find help. Trevor wants to cross the border and escape, but Gray manages to convince him to let them live because he can’t cross the river and the rapids without them. They approach the rapids and waterfall and Gray instructs Joey on how to get down. The rapids throw them out of the boat, but a helicopter comes to the rescue and takes them to safety.

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