Germany2019TV Film

Split Homicide VII-VIII

Der Kroatien Krimi VII-VIII

Local Production Company

Pakt Media

Crew Members

188 + 480 extras

Filming Days



  • Grgur Ninski statue, Split
  • Marjan hill, Split
  • The Riva, Split
  • Kašjuni, Split
  • ACI Marina, Split


Grgur Ninski statue in Split, the work of Ivan Meštrović


Marjan hill with park forest near Split


The Riva, Split, Croatian Tourist Board


Kašjuni beach, Split


ACI Marina, Split

About the production


Michael Kreindl

Main Cast

Stascha Novak, Emil Perica, Borko Vučević, Lado Trifunović, Pilot Kai, Tomislav Kovačić


Karsten Ruehle

Production Company

Constantin Television


Incpector Branka Marić dies in the first film. Stascha Novak, an inspector from Zagreb begins her investigations in Split.

Part 7:
A 12-year-old girl is found dead in the industrial port of Split – apparently it was an accident, the girl drowned. But the tying marks on her wrists suggest a horrific crime. There is a possibility that the case is connected to organized human trafficking.

Part 8:
Ira is a huge Croatian popstar; she has attracted thousands of fans with her songs, her beautiful voice, and attractive features. While recording a music video, there is an attempt at her life, which ends in the death of her security guard.

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