Germany2022TV Series

Split Homicide XIII-XIV

Local Production Company

Pakt Media

Crew Members

174+107 extras

Filming Days



  • The Riva, Split
  • The Old Town, Dubrovnik
  • Sinj, panorama


The Riva, Split, Croatian Tourist Board


The Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatian Tourist Board


Sinj, panorama

About the production


Michael Kreindl

Main Cast

Jasmin Gerat, Lenn Kudrjawizki, Kasem Hoxha, Max Herbrechter


Karsten Ruehle

Production Company

Constantin Film GmbH


Episode 13 – “Death Drive”

Vinko, a horse breeder, kidnaps his own son Denis and the next morning he lies dead in the prairie with a bullet in his head – fired from his own revolver. Everything starts the night before at the “Miloš Ranch” stable, whose old master died after a long illness. At the invitation of the widow Stela, the family meets at the ranch the evening before the funeral. Ana, the daughter of this house, has been living in England with her son Denis since the divorce, and for that occasion, she travelled to the ranch. To Ana’s great anger, her mother also invited her ex-husband Vinko. There is a conflict between the separated, and when Ana announces her imminent remarriage, the argument escalates. Ana went to look for her son the same night. She had a motive and maybe an opportunity to kill her ex-husband. In this case, Nikša is also a suspect because, independently of his sister Ana, he also went in search of the boy. When the situation escalates again shortly after the funeral, Stasha decides to deliberately play the brother and sister, Ana and Nikša, against each other. She realizes that she and Emil are no longer dealing with just one murder case, but several.


Episode 14 – “Split Doesn’t Forget”

The investment banker Ilija is hit by a grenade, and Stascha and Emil immediately find out that Ilija, as an officer of the Yugoslav Navy, was responsible for the bombing of the “Pearl of the Adriatic” at the time, and after the war, he did not answer in court due to procedural errors. Also, Ilija allegedly embezzled millions from the Albanian mafia shortly before his death. Kovačić sends Borko to Dubrovnik to check Ilija’s mafia contacts. Stascha examines the naval list of Split sailors at the time – and on it, she discovers her colleague Borko. Keeping her suspicions that the murder has something to do with Ilija’s war crimes, she digs deeper and deeper into the dramatic events of thirty years ago and learns more and more about the tragedies of that time, above all about the tragedies of her colleague Borko – and finally comes to discovery. In order to find the real killer, she must go to Dubrovnik, just like Borko.

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