UK2019TV Series

Strike Back, season 8

Strike Back, Season 8

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Embassy Films

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752 + 987 extras

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Strike Back, season 8, was almost completely filmed in Croatia. It is the biggest project realized through the Filming in Croatia Programme so far.

  • City centre, Zagreb
  • Old street, Trogir
  • Krka river and Knin Fortress
  • View from Trsat castle, Rijeka

Central Croatia

City centre, Zagreb


The old street in Trogir


Krka river and Knin Fortress

Kvarner and the Highlands

View from Trsat castle, Rijeka

About the production


Paul Wilmshurst, Bill Eagels, Jonathan Jones, John Strickland

Main Cast

Warren Brown, Daniel MacPherson, Alin Sumarwata, Jamie Bamber, Varada Sethu, Yasemin Allen


Andy Harries, Rob Bullock, Sasha Harris, Nuala O'Leary, Huberta Von Liel, Kristian Dench

Production Company



Strike Back refers to the missions of Section 20, a special forces operational force that makes the world a safer place. Over the years, they have faced a number of threats that required more engagement than the table duties find and making morally questionable decisions for the greater good. But this year they will pay the price for it.

A simple mission of rescuing British property in Kosovo in the midst of a civil uprising is going wrong. Section 20 learns that dangerous biological weapons have found their way into the hands of a mysterious Balkan jihadist, aided by unknown forces. As Section 20 races to overthrow this enemy, they become aware of the danger they are left in. Global action sparked by war hawks in the US and UK to create an excuse for invasion of the Balkans and the destruction of the Black River – the infamous Balkan trade route that carries most of the drugs and weapons between the Middle East and Europe. At the head of this action is James Tanner, Deputy Chief of SIS (aka MI6) and the creator of Department 20. Tanner needs a team to find his target – a Balkan terrorist called Zayef. When Zayef carries out a major terrorist attack in Europe, the blood is on Tanner’s hands – and the Department will not agree to concealment.

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