Germany2018TV Series

The Master Butcher

Der Club der singenden Metzger

Local Production Company

Pakt Media

Crew Members

242 + 357 extras

Filming Days



Mini series The Master Butcher was entirely filmed in Croatia, on locations that stand for early 20th century Germany and USA.

  • Krka river and Knin Fortress
  • Promenade in Maksimir Park, Zagreb
  • Odra field, Turopolje


Krka river and Knin Fortress

Central Croatia

Promenade in Maksimir Park, Zagreb

Central Croatia

Odra field, Turopolje

About the production


Ulrich Edel

Main Cast

Jonas Nay, Aylin Tezel, Leonie Benesch, Thorsten Merten, Vladimir Korneev, Therese Hamer


Sarah Kirkegaard, Karsten Ruehle

Production Company

Moovie GmbH


A story of WWI veteran Fidelis Waldvogel, who emigrates to North Dakota in the early 20th century to start a new life and provide for Eva, the pregnant fiancée of a fallen friend. There, he meets a performing artiste, Delphine, and her alcoholic father Robert, a clown. Fidelis opens his own butcher shop and starts a German singing club as a way of dealing with homesickness. When Eva arrives with her child, she forms a close friendship with Delphine. But their happiness is soon put to the test.

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