Netherlands2018TV Series

Heirs of the Night

Local Production Company

Nukleus Film

Crew Members


Filming Days



  • Old Church, Tugare
  • City centre, Zagreb
  • Old street, Trogir
  • Medevial Castle, Grobnik
  • Peristil, Split


Old church overlooking the village of Tugare.

Central Croatia

City centre, Zagreb


The old street in Trogir

Kvarner and the Highlands

Medevial Castle, Grobnik


Peristil, Split

About the production


Diederik Van Rooijen

Main Cast

Anastasia Martin, Ulrik William Gr├Žsli, Charlie Banks


Dorothe Beinemeier

Production Company

Lemming Film


Europe 1889. The Heirs of the Night are children of the once great vampire clans descended directly from Count Dracula. Centuries of infighting and the growing threat of vampire hunters have forced the families to protect their heirs and raise them in isolation. Now vampires are facing extinction, unless they unite. The Elders will have to set aside their hostilities so their young Heirs can attend the vampire school on the ship The Elisabetha. They have to learn to trust each other and work together if they are to beat Dracula, who has awoken after a long sleep.

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