Germany2021TV Film

Krass Klassenfahrt

Local Production Company

Blue Sky Adriatic

Crew Members

131 + 110 extras

Filming Days



  • Panorama, Zagreb
  • Lungomare coastal promenade, Lovran
  • Brseč
  • Dvigrad
  • Dramalj
  • Mošćenice
  • Medveja

Central Croatia

Panorama, Zagreb, Croatian Tourist Board

Kvarner and the Highlands

Lungomare coastal promenade, Lovran

Kvarner and the Highlands




Kvarner and the Highlands


Kvarner and the Highlands


Kvarner and the Highlands


About the production


Felix Charin

Main Cast

Sydney Amoo, Jamie Birrell, Dela Dabulamanzi


Richard Lamprecht

Production Company

Moonvibe, Odeon Fiction


Just before the end of school, the 12b takes a class trip to Croatia. But 19-year-old McLarry is not in the mood – he just failed his final exams, got kicked out of his house and while everyone around him seems to thrive, his future appears bleak. In a desperate attempt to turn the tide, McLarry leaves his class behind and makes his way to a music video shoot of the German rapper Zeno, hoping to position himself as a newcomer in the music industry. When things don’t work out as planned, McLarry and his best friends have to flee from the police, a thug, and their fear of the future.

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