USA2022TV Series

FBI International

Local Production Company

Ambasada Studio

Crew Members

284+134 extras

Filming Days



  • Forum, Pula
  • Aerial view, Arena, Pula
  • The Arch of the Sergii, Pula


Forum, Pula


Aerial view on Roman amphiteatre in Pula


The Arch of the Sergii, Pula

About the production


Robert Greenlea

Main Cast

Luke Kleintank, Aaron Serotsky, Moo Irvin


Ernesto Alcalde

Production Company

Pioneer Stillking


The action drama FBI International follows the elite operatives of the so-called fly team within the federal investigative bureau. Based in Budapest, they travel the world with the goal of neutralizing threats to American citizens. Special agent, Scott Forrester, their leader, puts his mission before his personal life. Second in line, special agent Jamie Kellet and her extensive network of informants are powerful allies. Special agent Andre Raines puts his bookkeeping skills to good use in tracking down criminals’ money. A new member of the team, special agent Cameron Vo, a West Point graduate excels in investigations and strategizing. A key part of the team is Katrin Jaeger, the polyglot link between the fly team and every country they visit.

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